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SEMNAN is located in the north of the country, and its center is city of Semnan. The province of Semnan covers an area of 96,816 square kilometers as 9.5 percent nationwide, considered as 6th largest state and stretches along the Alborz mountain range and borders to Dasht-e-Kavir desert in its southern parts.
Counties of the province include Semnan, Damghan, Shahrood, Mehdishahr(Sangsar) and Garmsar. The province has an estimated population of about 605,000 of which, 74 percent are urban habitants and the rest live in villages.
Central coordination of the province locates in 35.5769°N 53.3953°E.
City of Semnan, 216 Km away Tehran, has an estimated population of 125,000 and is situated at 1,138 meters above sea level at the southern foot of the Alborz Mountains.... (Read More)


Semnan can be divided into sixteen sectors from the old days of Avesta. During the Medes and Achaemenid periods, it accounted for being one of the largest provinces , ... (Read More)
The production of textiles and carpets was the most important industries in the history of city. However nowadays in compare with its population Semnan have very powerful industrial especially in the field of Automotive (Cars and Bikes).  ... (Read More)

Road and Transportation: Main Tehran-Mashhad railway is 5 km south of Damghan. Damghan is alongside of Tehran-Mashhad Highway. From south there is
.... (Read More)

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